JohnSiff wrote:

With this daily metabolic work your metabolism is not going to slow down even if you ate 800 calories a day for a month. What would happen though is your body would start producing enzymes, prostaglandins and hormones like made to store more fat as soon as you had some extra calories. The second you got hold of any starch that was not slow acting or a lot of it your body would squirt HUGE amounts of insulin to try and promote fat storage which is not what we want to program the body to do.  
I liked most of your post, but I have doubts about this part, why do you believe this, especially when you recommend fasting later in the same post? As I understand it, "metabolism" in this sense is largely a function of mass, if you lose weight it will "slow down" as there is less of you to sustain, if you get even fatter it will "speed up" as there is more of you to sustain..