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Bullworker hammer curls (topic)
G'day mates Repost from bullworker group on FB images in my the yuk Gallery under bullworker . Or follow link to original post great idea by this bloke : Hey...
All Things Zen


Fri, Jun 2, 2017 12:13 PM
Bullworker Question (topic)
Fellas,Does anyone have a chart on what the resistances are with each spring for the classic and the steel bow?For example, the steel bow has 3 springs, white, gray and black.Since the white one is the lowest resistance I'm guessing that...
All Things Zen


Sun, May 28, 2017 08:06 PM
Pumping Steel (topic)
I had fooled around with this concept in the past, but never anything serious. I have always used my bullies solely as isometric tools, but today I tried reps. I have an assortment of bullies ranging in length and resistance, so I was...
All Things Zen

Bruce Tackett

Sat, Feb 4, 2017 11:43 PM
isokinator/bullworker/isometrics (topic)
in a recent facebook post by KoelbelKoelbel Trainingsforschung We have left isometrics since many years. The muscles love movement. Isometrics are unnatural contractions without any movement. You can pump much more blood into the muscle...
All Things Zen


Sun, Jun 12, 2016 11:34 AM
Bullworker Pro (topic)
Has anyone actually gotten one of these yet?
All Things Zen


Mon, Jun 1, 2015 03:27 PM
Who has used the Bullworker Sit at Home Fitness Routine? (topic)
Who has used the Bullworker Sit at Home Fitness Routine? How effective did you find it to be?
All Things Zen


Wed, Sep 3, 2014 01:28 AM
Bullworker Holds vs Reps: How do you use it? (topic)
I have been working with my ISO7X pretty much daily since I received it in December.My main strategy has been to go through the exercises in the poster and perform them once, doing an isometric hold for a fairly long period of time.  I...
All Things Zen


Tue, Feb 4, 2014 04:38 PM
Bullworker Pro? (topic) Looks to be a new Bullworker in town.
All Things Zen


Sat, Jan 25, 2014 09:03 PM
Bullworker Bow Extension: How useful is it? (topic)
Bullworker Bow Extension: How useful is it?
All Things Zen


Tue, Jan 7, 2014 02:19 AM
What are the most productive moves with the Bullworker? (topic)
I've got a Bullworker (Iso7x) on the way. Have never used a Bullworker. I plan to incorporate it into the rest of my workout. I am wondering how often you train with your Bullworker and what moves with it do you think are most...
All Things Zen


Wed, Dec 4, 2013 12:25 AM
Dual Bworker exercises (topic)
I think I posted about this many moons ago, but since it seems to be a hot topic lately, check out my exercises using 2 bullworkers here: down until you see me with the bullys
All Things Zen


Thu, Oct 20, 2011 03:24 PM
bullworker collection and comparison photos (topic)
bullworker collection
All Things Zen


Tue, Aug 9, 2011 12:58 AM
change the spring? (topic)
hi, i just got a Iso7. Is it possible to change the spring with a stronger one??
All Things Zen


Mon, Jan 24, 2011 02:32 PM
Unique Bully Exercises & Tips (topic)
I've created this sticky for people to describe effective Bully exercises they've come up with that aren't shown in any of the manuals.Shoulder Press: I hold the Bully straight up with one arm fully extended, my hand...
All Things Zen

Shenandoah 1

Fri, Sep 3, 2010 04:06 PM
Announcing A New Forum! (topic)
So smitten am I with my newly discovered 30+ year old Bullworker, that I've created a new forum dedicated to the discussion of Bullys - The Bully Pulpit! It is my hope that Bully owners, enthusiasts, and wannabes throughout the Internet...
All Things Zen

Shenandoah 1

Tue, Aug 24, 2010 12:08 AM
Bully Xtreme (topic)
Anyone own one? Anyone know of any impartial comparisons with the Bullworker? One difference between the two is that the Bully Xtreme has two endpieces that slide over a central tube, whereas the Bullworker has just two tubes, one...
All Things Zen

Shenandoah 1

Wed, Aug 18, 2010 03:49 PM